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當代中文語法點全集 = An a to z grammar for Chinese language learners

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全書共 345 條現代漢語實用語法點適合不同階段的中文學習者華語教學界泰斗──鄧守信教授畢生之研究精華與實踐華語教學權威──國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心策劃從功能語法詮釋,幫助學習者了解何時使用與使用的情境,並介紹這些結構,包含肯定、否定、疑問等形式提醒學習者各語法點使用時應注意的地方有效整理、比較所有重要語法點,釐清語法觀念本書特色:語法點由 A~Z 編排,方便查找搜尋語法點範圍涵蓋基礎(Basic)到高階(Advanced)程度全書中文例句或漢字均附有漢語拼音及英文翻譯每個語法點詳列:功能、結構、用法,完整介紹該語法每個語法點提供多個典型例句,幫助理解使用的情境能使學習者快速理解語法形式及結構,了解怎麼用、什麼時候用,以及用在什麼地方華語教師、中文學習者必備的工具書可搭配任何中文學習教材參考使用Features: 345 entries of modern Chinese grammar, arranged alphabetically by Hanyu Pinyin. Designed specifically for Chinese language learners of all levels.Grammatical entries include three subsections: Function, Structure and Usage. (1) The Function section answers the questions ‘What is the purpose of this grammar item?’ and ‘How do native speakers use it?’ (2) The Structure section explains grammar points, including descriptions of negative and interrogative structures, so that learners can become skilled at making sentences using negative structures and asking questions. (3) A Usage section is provided when applicable to compare and contrast structures found in the Chinese and English languages. This reference guide can give learners a clear understanding of grammar points and help them master Chinese.Excellent companion to any Chinese learning textbook.

鄧守信Shou-hsin Teng, PhDProfessor of Chinese LinguisticsUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass, USA (retired)National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan (retired)Maa Fa Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand Dept. of Chinese as a Second Language, Chungyuan Christian University, Chungli, Taiwan (current)策劃者簡介國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心成立於 1956 年,隸屬於國立臺灣師範大學,是臺灣歷史最悠久、規模最完備、教學最有成效的華語文教學機構。學員來自全世界各地,許多漢學界知名學者及政經界名人都曾在此就讀,在國際間享譽盛名。The Mandarin Training Center (MTC) at NTNUThe Mandarin Training Center (MTC) is founded in 1956. The MTC, a subsidiary of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), is the largest and oldest institution dedicated to teaching Chinese as a second language in Taiwan. The center has well-equipped facilities and is internationally renowned for its high teaching quality. MTC’s students come from all over the world, and many renowned sinology scholars and important figures in the politics and financial are its alumni.

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