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看圖學中文語法. 進階篇 = The Ultimate Iiiustrated Chinese Grammer Guide

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《看圖學中文語法:進階篇》The Ultimate Illustrated Chinese Grammar Guide: Advanced Level 中文的語法很難學嗎? 全球第一本創新用圖解方式講解的中文語法書 用活潑生動的圖說詮釋中文語法,學習輕鬆又有效! 準備華語文能力檢定測驗沒煩惱! 《看圖學中文語法》:進階篇 匯集整理所有高階中文語法重點,提供大量系統性練習,有效自我檢測。是進階高階級語法自學書及教學輔助用書! ‧各語法項目包含圖片引導解說和典型例句 ‧各語法項目設計豐富多元的練習題,立即檢測學習吸收成效 ‧以生動活潑的圖解方式呈現,不易感枯燥,容易吸收了解 ‧有效充分掌握並建立中文句式結構 ‧書中各語法項目依學習進程循序編制 ‧單元句型採累進式,有效降低學習語法的焦慮 ‧符合 ACTFL、CEFR 學習能力指標架構 ‧結合功能主題及 TOCFL Band B 詞彙,有效靈活運用於日常生活 ‧書末附 TOCFL 進階高階級三回模擬練習題,進一步強化語法,輕鬆掌握考試 ‧幫助準備各項中文能力測驗考試,程度相當於 TOCFL B 等能力測驗 「國家華語測驗推動工作委員會」強力推薦! The Ultimate Illustrated Chinese Grammar Guide: Advanced Level collects and includes all advanced grammar points in a systematic way of learning. The content is presented with illustrations and includes abundant drills and exercises, making it an excellent reference guide for advanced level students and their teachers! Grammar points are presented with fun illustrations and come with drills and exercises, so students can learn to use sentence patterns to express themselves with precision. The dynamic and engaging design makes studying Chinese more interesting and increases student motivation. Grammar points are integrated into topics that deal with daily life. Learners that practice the sentences patterns frequently will find it easy to apply them to their daily lives. Grammar points are arranged according to level and difficulty. Sentence patterns are introduced gradually, making learning more enjoyable and less stressful. Grammar points with the same structure but different functions and usages are listed, so learners can compare and contrast them. The exercises and content are designed to give Chinese language learners a better overall understanding of Chinese grammar and to help prepare for different Chinese proficiency tests, including the TOCFL. The principles used in this book correspond to the language learning ability index—ACTFL and CEFR. All grammar points and vocabulary correspond to the TOCFL Band B (Level 3 and Level 4). Three TOCFL Band B mock tests are included at the end of the book, so learners can further evaluate their performance. The Ultimate Illustrated Chinese Grammar Guide is highly recommended by Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu, SC-TOP(國家華語測驗推動工作委員會).

作者介紹 國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心 國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心成立於 1956 年,隸屬於國立臺灣師範大學,是臺灣歷史最悠久、規模最完備、教學最有成效的華語文教學機構。學員來自全世界各地,許多漢學界知名學者及政經界名人都曾在此就讀,在國際間享譽盛名。 The Mandarin Training Center (MTC) at NTNU The Mandarin Training Center (MTC) is founded in 1956. The MTC, a subsidiary of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), is the largest and oldest institution dedicated to teaching Chinese as a second language in Taiwan. The center has well-equipped facilities and is internationally renowned for its high teaching quality. MTC’s students come from all over the world, and many renowned sinology scholars and important figures in the politics and financial are its alumni. 作者 劉崇仁 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學研究所畢,曾多次擔任教育部與僑委會海外華語教師研習會講師。現於國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系及世新大學華語教育學程授課,並為國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心華語教師。 審訂者 張莉萍 前國家華語測驗推動工作委員會執行秘書,現任國立臺灣師範大學教學中心副主任。

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