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Studying diversity in teacher education

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內容簡介top Studying Diversity in Teacher Education 簡介 "The myriad, rich, and incisive perspectives in this necessary and timely book will help colleges and universities reform teacher education programs and make them culturally responsive and effective for students from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic groups."---James A. Banks, Kerry and Linda Killinger Endowed Chair in Diversity Studies and founding director, Center for Multicultural Education, University of Washington"Readers will find this volume a treasure trove of perspectives, answers, and provocations that should stimulate further the essential discussions we must have to create schools that can someday provide all children---and teachers---with the right to learn what they need and deserve."---Linda Darling-Hammond, from the Foreword"The rapidly shifting demographics in the United States and other countries provide a crucial educational challenge: how teachers can turn student diversity into an asset for schooling. Through a series of chapters by top scholars in the field, this volume powerfully establishes the ways teachers come to think about differences, structures, and possibilities for pedagogical actions that provide students with meaningful opportunities for learning and that facilitate students' greater investment in schooling. This book is indeed a valuable contribution to a vitally important field of study."---Luis C. Moll, professor, College of Education, University of ArizonaStudying Diversity in Teacher Education is a collaborative effort by experts seeking to elucidate one of the most important issues facing education today. The volume examines historically persistent, yet unresolved, issues in teacher education and presents research that is currently being done to address these issues. In addition, it centers on research of diverse populations, bringing together both research on diversity and research on diversity in teacher education. The contributors present frameworks, perspectives, and paradigms that have implications for refraning research on complex issues that are often ignored or treated too simplistically in teacher education literature. Concluding the volume with an agenda for future research and a guide for preparing teachers for diversity education in a global context, the contributors provide a solid foundation for all educators. Studying Diversity in Teacher Education is a vital resource for all those interested in diversity and education research.

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