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Juggling : from start to star

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Have you always wanted to juggle but never thought you could learn how? Now you can with Juggling and the help of the famous Finnigan family. Dave, Dorothy, and Ben explain and demonstrate their techniques and secret tricks to develop juggling ability. The most fun and instructive guide to be published on the topic, Juggling progresses from basic skills for newcomers to more advanced techniques for experienced jugglers. Specifically, the book will help you learn these skills: • Scarf juggling • Three-ball juggling • Four- and Five-ball juggling • Ring juggling • Club juggling • Devil sticks • Diabolos • Plate spinning • Ball spinning • Box spinning • Hat spinning More than 250 photos show the proper techniques, individual and partner juggling, and fun-filled juggling games. You’ll soon be performing skills you never thought were possible. Juggling provides you with the extensive juggling knowledge of the Finnigan family, who has traveled worldwide teaching juggling to more than one million people. Now, with the help of Juggling, you can learn all the tricks of the trade in the comfort of your own home—and soon be entertaining friends and family with your amazing new talent.

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