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Reading difficulties and dyslexia : an interpretation for teachers

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Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia: An Interpretation for Teachers

is a ’ready reckoner’ that gives the teacher/guardian a condensed and selective source of current knowledge. The author interprets the topic in terms of PASS (Planning-Attention-Simultaneous-Successive) processes, which are the four main processes of knowing and thinking that replace the traditional views of IQ and redefine intelligence. For the school psychologist, this book is an interpretation that gives pre-eminence to the PASS theory of cognitive processes. PASS theory is used to explain ’unexplained reading disability’ - reading problems that are not explained by a traditional IQ assessment.

The book answers questions such as-What is dyslexia? How do reading difficulties develop? How do I deal with dyslexia? Is there a valid remedial procedure that I can use?

The author, using the PASS theory and assessment, answers the question: What do I do following the cognitive assessment of children with reading difficulties? The answer is important for guiding remediation and also for understanding the nature of the specific reading problem known as dyslexia.

The book provides a selective review of existing knowledge. Notes complement the contents of a chapter-sometimes presenting a lively discussion of competing views and controversies and, at other times, pointing out recent advances and unresolved issues.

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