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Qualitative data analysis : an expanded sourcebook

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In 1984, the first edition of Qualitative Data Analysis addressed a critical need faced by researchers in all fields of the human sciences - how to draw valid meaning from qualitative data. It provided methods of analysis that were practical, credible and reliable. This groundbreaking book has now been revised to take up where the first edition left off and account for the phenomenal expansion of qualitative inquiry since then. In this second edition, Miles and Huberman bring the art of qualitative data analysis up to date, adding hundreds of new techniques, ideas and references that draw on the experience of the authors and many colleagues in the design, testing and use of qualitative data analysis methods. Each method of data display and analysis is described and illustrated in detail, with practical suggestions for adaptation and use. The growth of computer use in qualitative analysis is reflected throughout this volume, which also includes an extensive appendix on criteria useful for choosing among the currently available analysis packages.Using examples from a host of social science and professional disciplines and stressing a hands-on, practical approach, Qualitative Data Analysis, Second Edition, remains the most complete treatment of this topic available to scholars and applied researchers.

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