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My first reading library.

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50 books to guide your child through the first stages of reading (重量: 3.5 KG)含50本讀本,其中1. 最初級的22本,出自Usborne Very First Reading系列。在大人的幫助下,小朋友可以利用這些讀本裡的文句,將在學校裡學到的發音規則加以練習。2. 再來的12本,出自Usborne First Reading系列的Level One, 小朋友可以試著自己閱讀這些簡單易讀又有趣的小故事。3. 本套書裡最難的16本,出自Usborne First Reading系列的Level Two, 故事稍長,希望訓練小朋友閱讀的耐心,培養小朋友的自信。 書目如下:1. Pirate Pat (Very First Reading)2. Double trouble (Very First Reading)3. The dressing-up box (Very First Reading)4. Captain Mac (Very First Reading)5. A bus for Miss Moss (Very First Reading)6. The perfect pet (Very First Reading)7. Dog diary (Very First Reading)8. Bad Jack Fox (Very First Reading)9. Grizzly bear rock (Very First Reading)10 . The magic ring (Very First Reading)11. The Queen makes a scene (Very First Reading)12. A fright in the night (Very First Reading)13. Stop that cow! (Very First Reading)14. The deep, dark woods (Very First Reading)15. Moon zoom (Very First Reading)16. Run, rabbit, run! (Very First Reading)17. Late night at the zoo (Very First Reading)18. Wild school (Very First Reading)19. The circus under the sea (Very First Reading)20. The monster diner (Very First Reading)21. Knight fight (Very First Reading)22. Mr. Mystery (Very First Reading)23. The Greedy Dog (First Reading Level One)24. The Rabbit's Tale (First Reading Level One)25. Anansi and the bag of wisdom (First Reading Level One)26. The Three Wishes (First Reading Level One)27. Old MacDonald had a farm (First Reading Level One)28. The Ant and the Grasshopper (First Reading Level One)29. The Fox and the Stork (First Reading Level One)30. The Fox and the Crow (First Reading Level One)31. The Sun and the Wind (First Reading Level One)32. King Midas and the Gold (First Reading Level One)33. The Lion and the Mouse (First Reading Level One)34. The Wish Fish (First Reading Level One)35. Doctor Foster went to Gloucester (First Reading Level Two)36. The Magic Melon (First Reading Level Two)37. How Bear Lost His Tail (First Reading Level Two)38. Little Miss Muffet (First Reading Level Two)39. Old Mother Hubbard (First Reading Level Two)40. One, two, buckle my shoe (First Reading Level Two)41. The Daydreamer (First Reading Level Two)42. There Was a Crooked Man (First Reading Level Two)43. The Tortoise and the Eagle (First Reading Level Two)44. King Donkey Ears (First Reading Level Two)45. Clever Rabbit and the Wolves (First Reading Level Two)46. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (First Reading Level Two)47. How Elephants Lost Their Wings (First Reading Level Two)48. The Genie in the Bottle (First Reading Level Two)49. The Dragon and the Phoenix (First Reading Level Two)50. Clever Rabbit and the Lion (First Reading Level Two)同時推薦My Second Reading Library (50本平裝讀本) Usborne Reading Collection (40本平裝讀本) Reading Collection for Confident Readers (40本平裝讀本)另有續集 My Second Reading Library (50本平裝讀本) 按此前往商品除瑕疵品外,恕不接受退換貨因拍攝略有色差,圖片僅供參考,顏色請以實際收到商品為準

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