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Chemistry for everyone : a helpful primer for high school or college chemistry

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Often a lack of understanding of basic concepts and how they fit together is the major reason students do poorly in chemistry class. This book is for anyone who needs help understanding the most difficult chemistry concepts and tools that will be encountered in a typical high-school level chemistry classes. This book can also be used to review the basics before starting a college introductory or organic chemistry class. It is a useful supplement to the class textbook and gives a unique perspective on the subject. Whether you are taking chemistry for the first time in high school, have a child who needs help with homework, or just want to find out more about chemistry, this book can help. Topics include The Atom, The Mole, Scientific Notation, Significant Figures, Unit Conversions, Bonding, Chemical Reactions, and Solubility. Problem-solving advice, homework tips, and test taking skills are also included.

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