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Mathematical modeling : applications with GeoGebra

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This book is a logical, well-organized guide to various mathematical modeling techniques and applications for evaluating and solving problems in the diverse field of mathematics. A highly-qualified lecturer in the area of mathematics education and modeling, the author provides a unique pedagogical approach to using GeoGebra and WolframAlpha in courses that require problem solving and evaluation through mathematical modeling. The main software presented in the book is GeoGebra, which is a fast-growing, free program and can be used within numerous areas of mathematics such as algebra, geometry, geometry 3D, functions, statistics, spreadsheet calculations, and symbolic algebra. The book provides detailed information on how to use GeoGebra to teach mathematics, as well as a technical guide to using GeoGebra for mathematical modeling. Beginning with the basics of GeoGebra, the book introduces specific GeoGebra exercises and additional resources for further study. The book then moves on to comprehensive modeling examples that correspond to different levels of mathematics experience. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter’s level, and includes numerous examples of solved modeling tasks with at least one, sometimes several, solution suggestions. These solutions are detailed both mathematically and in a GeoGebra sense to engage readers with the necessary skills for future problem solving and mathematical modeling. Subsequently, the book addresses how to organize practical work and gives examples of various approaches to teaching modeling in the classroom. Finally, the book illustrates the methods for evaluating models, including relative error, correlation, square sum of errors, regression, and confidence interval.

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