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A complete guide to portals and user experience platforms

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內容簡介top A Complete Guide to Portals and User Experience Platforms 簡介 This book provides comprehensive coverage of portal technologies and user experience platforms (UXP), which form the key pillars of a modern digital platform. Written by a seasoned practitioner, the book serves as reference material for the digital technology community through an in-depth focus on portals and UXP. It balances the core topics of modern portals along with emerging technologies in digital space, such as lean portals, UXPs, and case studies.The first section introduces portal through multiple viewpoints to cater to a wide audience, including business transformation, operations, development, and architecture. The book details many novel and practically proven models and frameworks, such as portal value realisation framework, portal assessment framework, evaluation model, portal infrastructure planning techniques, and portal integration techniques. Readers also learn about effective digital program strategies, such as portal roadmap strategy, collaboration strategy, portal security planning, portal testing strategy, SEO, and analytics planning concepts.The second section dives into UXP and advanced topics. It looks at UXP design concepts and reference architecture, next-generation portals, portal trends, portal user experience, omni-channel strategy, portal KPI, portal pitfalls and best practices, portal governance, and portal performance engineering. The book also examines case studies to extend the concepts discussed. An appendix provides sample portal code developed in portal standards. The book is a practical guide for IT managers, digital architects, developers, and testers for successfully building best practices-based digital platforms with forward-looking features.

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