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Lectures on English literature

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  《英國文學講座》是專為亞洲學生設計的英國文學史教材,目的在運用簡單易讀的英語說明,引導學生欣賞英國文學經典著作。每一課針對特定作品,分析其結構、寫作技巧、時代意義,並搭配The Norton Anthology of English Literature的內容,提供更豐富精采的作品賞析。

   第一冊共分十四課,介紹中古時期的重要文學作品,並專就Beowulf (《貝奧武夫》) 和The Canterbury Tales (《坎特伯里故事集》) 做深入、詳盡的探討。未來將再推出-- 第二冊:文藝復興時期 第三冊:復辟時期及十八世紀

Lectures on English Literature

is a new and innovative series of books designed to make the great works of English literature accessible and understandable for every college student and reader of the English classics. The books are especially designed for Asian students and serve as companion volumes to The Norton Anthology of English Literature. Each lecture examines a work of literature in depth with a careful analysis of structure and literary style. Just as important to students, the material is presented in clear, easy-to-understand prose suitable for different levels and classes. Volume One contains 14 lectures on The Middle Ages, with special attention given to Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales.

Coming soon:

Volume 2: The Renaissance

Volume 3: The Restoration and 18th Century



Robert Albano

earned his Ph.D. in English literature from Purdue University. He has taught English literature at several universities in both the United States and Taiwan and is also the author of Middle English Historiography (1993).

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