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Data analysis using SPSS for Windows, version 8 to 10 : a beginner's guide

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A new edition of this best-selling introductory book to cover the latest SPSS versions 8.0-10.0This book is designed to teach beginners how to use SPSS for Windows, the most widely used computer package for analysing quantitative data. Written in a clear, readable and non-technical style the author explains the basics of SPSS including the input of data, data manipulation, descriptive analyses and inferential techniques, including; - creating using and merging data files- creating and printing graphs and charts- parametric tests including t-tests, ANOVA, GLM - correlation, regression and factor analysis- non parametric tests and chi square- reliability- obtaining neat print outs and tables- includes a CD-Rom containing example data files, syntax files, output files and Excel spreadsheets.The book starts with a brief introduction to statistical analysis - beginning with basic definitions through to interpretation and significance of the results. The author shows in a simple step-by-step method how to set up SPSS data files in order to run your analysis as well as how to graph and display data. The book shows the reader how to use SPSS for all the main statistical approaches you would expect to find in an introductory statistics course. Also included are detailed worked examples - with SPSS output and screen shots, along with diagrams and a useful decision chart to select the appropriate statistical test. The differences between versions 8.0-10.0 are also listed to help those upgrading to the latest version.This book will prove invaluable to all those students and researchers who need to learn to use SPSS effectively in their research.

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