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  Macmillan Students’ Novels are intended for those reading major classic novels for the first time and in particular students taking first examinations. Each volume contains the complete text, together with an introduction, a section of plates and explanatory notes. Information on the author is provided, together with background to the novel and detailed comments on the plot, the language used and the literary qualities of the work. Each book has been carefully edited to suit the needs of students taking first examinations.

  First published posthumously in 1817 Persuasion introduces us to Anne Elliot, the heroine of one of the most delightful of all English romances. Jane Austen in this autumnal novel is at her mature best in her vivid depiction of the life of the gentry both in the country and in Bath in the early nineteenth century. But the story is far more than just good entertainment. Through the romance of the central characters she makes a serious exploration of the values and attitudes of that time

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