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Culture of animal cells: a manual of basic technique

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This masterful third edition of Freshney's Culture of Animal Cells updates and considerably expands the scope of its predecessor and still enables both the novice and the experiences researcher to apply the basic and more sophisticated techniques of tissue culture. New Topics covered include: *the use of molecular techniques in cell culture, such as DNA fingerprinting, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and chromosome painting *cell interactions in cell culture *new methods for separating cells *new or refined methods for accessing cytotoxicity, viability, and mutagenicity * experimental details for culture of specialized cells types not covered in previous editions * new or refined techniques for visualizing clues, including time-lapse photography and confocal microscopy The revised and expanded third edition offers the following features: * over 350 new reference to the primary literature * an international list of cell banks * an international listing of reagants and commercial supplies * a subject index * a glossary Also available: 0471169021 Culture of Animal Cells: A Multimedia Guide CD-ROM

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