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Toleration : a critical introduction

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Why should we be tolerant? What does it mean to "live and let live"? What ought to be tolerated and what not?Toleration: A Critical Introduction is a comprehensive and accessible philosophical introduction to toleration. The first part of the book clearly and coherently introduces and assesses the major theoretical accounts of toleration, examining toleration in light of challenges from skepticism, value pluralism and reasonableness. Catriona McKinnon also draws from those philosophers whose theories are central to toleration, from Locke and Mill to Rawls. In the second part of the book, McKinnon applies the theories of toleration to urgent contemporary problems such as female circumcision, the French headscarves affair, artistic freedom, pornography and censorship, and holocaust denial.Toleration: A Critical Introduction provides a solid theoretical base to those who value toleration, whilst considering the challenges tolerationfaces in practice. It provides an ideal starting point for those coming to the topic for the first time, and anyone interested in the challenges facing toleration today.

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