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Introduction to the theory of distributions.

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The theory of distributions is an extension of classical analysis, an area of particular importance in the field of linear partial differential equations. Underlying it is the theory of topological vector spaces, but it is possible to give a systematic presentation without a knowledge of this. The material in this book, based on graduate lectures given over a number of years requires few prerequisites but the treatment is rigorous throughout. From the outset, the theory is developed in several variables. It is taken as far as such important topics as Schwartz kernels, the Paley-Wiener-Schwartz theorem and Sobolev spaces. In this second edition, the notion of the wavefront set of a distribution is introduced. It allows many operations on distributions to be extended to larger classes and gives much more precise understanding of the nature of the singularities of a distribution. This is done in an elementary fashion without using any involved theories. This account will be useful to graduate students and research workers who are interested in the applications of analysis in mathematics and mathematical physics.

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