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Writing up qualitative research

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How do you select what to write up from all the qualitative data you've collected? How can you best tell the story of your study? Wolcott has thoroughly revised the book that has provided a solution to this conundrum as well as inspired thousands of readers with their writing. Using lively examples from his and other researchers' experiences, friendly, practical tips, and a warm, reflective writing style, Wolcott offers readers suggestions for when and where to beginhow to keep the momentum going once writing is underwaysuggestions for tightening things upalternatives for handling questions of theory and methodhow to proceed with the mechanics of preparing a manuscript from the table of contents to the indexhow to get publishedDesigned in a new format to make it easier to locate and review key ideas, this second edition has been completely updated and includes new features, such as: Chapter 4 on Linking Up: Provides readers with thoughtful guidelines as to how and where to use theory, what needs to be said about method, some thoughts about the "traditional" literature review (as well as how to decide whether or not to include this material!) Applications: Give readers the opportunity to put into practice some of Wolcott's tips to improve or jump-start their own writing Bulleted Reviews: Highlight the key points to remember from each chapter Read the book that will not only enable you to better tell the story of your research in the article, monograph, or dissertation you need to write but also help you to incorporate writing into the essential role it must play in a professional research career.

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